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PLANET QUEER is a LGBTQ+ arts organization providing space and support for experimental performance works, film festivals, special events, and more.

Upcoming Event

Featuring performances from Los Angeles LGBTQ+ artists

Planet Queer:


MONDAY, JUNE 19th, 2023

8 PM at AKBAR 4356 Sunset Blvd.


PQ honors the power and pride in all of us. 

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ROBERT PATRICK 1937 - 2023
PQ mourns the loss of the darling of our scene Robert Patrick. For the last 10 years Robert has been a major part of our community. From inflating alien decor, to his brilliant songs, to coffee chats, to screenings and productions of his theatrical work, Robert has been a wonderful friend and collaborator. His pioneering work in theater at the Caffe Cino and beyond laid the foundation upon which we stand as queer artists. We miss him dearly and there will be a PQ memorial for him at Akbar in the coming months.  


planet queer
themed community performances 
@ akbar
in silver lake

Since July 2012 Planet Queer has hosted a monthly queer experimental cabaret at historic Akbar in Silver Lake, Los Angeles. Each month, emerging and established queer artists from multiple creative fields take to the stage to share their queer artistic visions.

NSFW film fest

NSFW: dedicated to screening sex-positive queer video content 

Next NSFW film fest

December 2023

Submission dates: TBA

NSFW still 2021 8.jpg

special events

Adonis Project:
A Night At the Adonis (2014)
Masquerade (2015)
Subversion (2017)

creative curation

Planet Queer provides consultation and curation to a variety of clients including LGBTQ college organizations, city events and private parties.


  • unique queer art experiences

  • alternative drag shows

  • queer music and film festivals

  •  performance workshops

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